• Woman's Best Friend

    You can see Woman's Best Friend on Vimeo here

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    Woman's Best Friend is a story about a girl and her dog. It was created for Chicago's 2018 48Hour Film Project. The genre pulled was "Film de Femme" which was created by the 48 project. It requires a strong female lead actor - think Bridesmaids or Nikita - we went with a bit of a violent edge to our lead, but deep down she's just a girl who loves animals. The required character was "Alexa Tecarao - A veteranarian", the required prop was "a sleeping bag" and the required line "You ask a lot of questions".


    Woman's Best Friend is a 4th Row Center production that was the 1st 48Hour Film Project lead by Phranque Wright and consisted of a 'bunch of people who met in a bar' that came together to make a team. For many in the team it was their first time making a movie and doing it in 48Hours was a great way to introduce them to everything and anything that needed to be done to make a movie happen. The star of the film was also our Special Effects Make-up Artist and our writing/creative team was made up of everyone who was on the team.


    It was a weekend jam-packed with trials and disasters and triumphs. It was a great time for all even though a lot of stress-filled moments occurred. But that is the nature of moive making and especially when the entire process of writing, acting, shooting and editing has a 48hour time limit. We didn't win any prizes, but we were all pretty happy with the final result.

    You can see Woman's Best Friend on Vimeo here