• Jillian's Island

    This short has been pushed up for two summers due to issues related to covid and location dynamics. We are hoping to get it filmed summer of 2023 and in festivals by the end of that year.


    In this adventure we meet Jillian and her younger sister as they find themselves stranded on a barren island. No food, no shelter and no fresh water leaves them to survive on their own terms. How did they get there? Where is their family? Will they survive? Watch to find out.

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    The Lotter Winner

    In this short we meet a woman who is down and out.

    She stumbles across some found money and spends it on snacks and a lottery ticket.

    Will this ticket win her the dream of a lifetime or will it just be another let down?

    Watch as she learns about herself and her relation to life.


    We hope to have this production finished before the end of 2022.

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