• Silence of the Lambchops

    Silence of the Lambchops was a 48Hour Film Project for 2021.

    We won "Fan Favorite" aka "Audience Choice Award" and also won "Best use of Character"

    This film is about Dylan, who is upset about Frank's food being stolen by one of their roommates.

    Frank doesn't care, but the others get ruthlessly interrogated as Dylan looks for the answer.

    Genre - "Fish out of water"

    Character - Gretta Van Trendill - a Florist

    Prop - A recyle bin

    Line - "Believe it or not, it's true"

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    Graduation Day

    Graduation Day was an unofficial 48Hour Film Project for 2021.


    Graduation Day is about a girl who is ready to celebrate with her best friend because her parents are gone for another day

    however, the gardner has other plans for her based on an intepretation of peonies.

    Genre - "Coming of age" and "Thriller"

    Character - Marvin Stranton - Gardner

    Prop - A stapler

    Line - "I made that two days ago"


    Graduation Day was a "Fake 48 Hour" product to help some college film majors and minors discover the joys, trials and tragedies that accompany film projects. A lot was learned in that weekend, because many things went wrong including

    cameras that wouldn't work,

    shots that had to be repeated due to background reflections

    and an editing program becoming corrupted,

    which forced them to start all over again in the editing room just as they were ready to wrap.

    The endless calm and dedication to completion that this cast and crew possessed lead them to a victorious recovery

    as they were still able to finish their project in the allotted time frame.

    I am forever in awe of how well they handled the stress and how well they kept up their work ethic.

    I hope to work with this group again after they have some training in their courses and see how much more they develop their skills and talents.

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