• A Time for Love was a passion project made in 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic.

    The project was put on hold for many months and finally was filmed with the mimimalist of crews.

    We only had a few days to film, but I think in the end we made something charming.

    This is a story about a man who discovers a way to become young again. He wants to stay young and wants his wife to also become young, but she is content with her age and her life. He must now decide if he will run away to youth or remain.


    This won "Best Drama - Winter 2020" at Various Artists Film Festival It ran in a few film festivals.

    It was also shown at the Golden State Film Festival at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA in 2021.

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    Ghosted (click to see on vimeo)

    Ghosted was also a film created during the pandemic.

    This was also a film made in less than 48-Hours as it was part of the 48Hour Film Project for 2020

    This was a virtual film festival activity. As with A Time for Love, we followed the rules of distance and masking,

    cleaning and safety during the pandemic.

    Though it was the first project for most of those involved,

    it got wonderful reviews and was nominated for seven awards - three of which were won.  

    The team was formed by a group of students who recently entered the Harold Ramis Film School at Second City in Chicago.

    This film was developed, created, filmed, edited and finished in less than 48 Hours.


    We were nominated for 7 Awards and we won

    "Best Actress" "Best Use of Prop" and "Fan Favorite" aka "Audience Choice Award"

    Other nominations included: Best Director, Best Sound Design, Best Writers, Best Special Effects


    Genre was "Science Fiction"

    Character was "Mark Brundell - a candidate"

    Prop was = A stool

    Line was "Excuse me, coming through"


    Ghosted is a story of a girl who dies before she was able to accomplish anything important to her in life.

    As a ghost she falls in love with the first guy she meets and tries desperately to form a relationship with him.

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