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    This story shows us how even with the best intentions and love, sometimes we are not able to fulfill promises we make to our closest friends.


    Promises is a short that is based on two actual events. Phranque Wright wanted to combine these stories into a short comedy and Ivori Skye joined in to help develop some fun background for the characters.


    Promises won "Best Comedy" in 2020 at the Various Artists Independent Film Festival (VAiFF). The final choice came by Richard Pryor Jr. So, both Phranque and Ivori now like to brag that "I know the movie is funny because Richard Pryor Jr knew it was. This movie is considered a "comedy" but you will not know why until the very end - just like the real stories.


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    "What Comes Next" was the second 48hour Film Project Film that was done by a team lead by Phranque and 4th Row Center Productions. The genre was "Dark Comedy" the required character was "Trevor Fenderson - A designer", the required line was "I'm looking for a friend of mine" and the prop was "A hat". Many from last year's team returned and we had a few new people joining us. We didn't win any awards that year but we had a lot of fun trying. We had a big snafu with the library, but that all worked out in the end. I think this is a nice fun film.


    You can see this short on Vimeo here